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Deer Flute - Triple Toe Calls Deer Call

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White-tailed deer are much more vocal than people, even some hunters, realize. They communicate all year round, too. That applies to both sexes, as well.

Hunters can take advantage of that, especially if using a call that can replicate the sounds of bucks, does and fawns.

Make the sound of a bawling fawn, for example, and a doe (regardless of whether her own fawns are with her) will often investigate. At certain times of the year especially, bucks will follow them in.

A grunt call, meanwhile, can bring in a rutting buck looking either for a doe or for another buck to run off.

Adjustable grunt tube includes fawn bawl, doe bleat and two different buck grunts. Very easy to adjust and use. The black walnut wood composition produces a realistic sound to match the tones that big bucks are yearning for.

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Product Name Deer Flute - Triple Toe Calls Deer Call


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