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Fulks Custom One Knocker Diving Crankbait Lure

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Bass spend a lot of their time in relatively shallow water. But when they're not there? That's when you've got to go get them.

The Fulk Custom 1.5KDD is a medium-depth diving crankbait that dives 8 to 12 feet. It will get down to where the fish are and, in the process, tell you a lot about the bottom structure of a lake.

It works to get attention while down there, too. This lure has plenty of natural wiggle. But it comes with a large internal ball that rattles noisily as the bait is swimming. If it bounces off the bottom or from, say, a rock, it makes all that much more noise.

Hungry bass will often strike at that moment.

The Fulk Custom FC-1.5KDD lure weighs in at a 1/2 ounce.

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Product Name Fulks Custom One Knocker Diving Crankbait Lure


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