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Fulks Custom WaKe One Knocker Bass Lure

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Hungry bass sometimes feed by sight. But in dirty or stained water? Or when they're hidden deep in grass, waiting to ambush something?

Then, fish detect prey using their lateral lines, which picks up sound in the water.

In those situations, the Fulks Custom Wake One Knocker is a good choice because of its wide body and internal rattle. The lure sways side to side and, all the while, the internal ball rolls and bounces around inside the lure, making plenty of noise on the retrieve.

Fish who might not be able to see the lure from a long distance away given the conditions can hear and feel it and will strike aggressively, especially in schooling situations where there's lots of competition to get to food first.

The Fulks Custom FC-Wake is a one knocker wake bait that dives from right under the surface down to 1 foot. This lure weighs in at 3/4 ounce and can be fished around any type of cover.

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Product Name Fulks Custom WaKe One Knocker Bass Lure


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