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FUTBOLSHOTZ 4-Pack Youth Soccer Training Coaching Kit

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  • Each FUTBOLSHOTZ 4-pack includes four targets and a bag for carrying and storing.
  • Innovative approach helps children improve aim and accuracy in soccer.
  • Constructed from Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR).


Youth Soccer Training Product

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Your “soccer coaching kit in a bag.”

The FUTBOLSHOTZ 4-Pack provides parents and coaches with a set of four targets that can be used in the backyard or on the soccer field to help children improve their aim and become more adept athletes. They will learn to shoot accurately and confidently from a variety of field positions.

FUTBOLSHOTZ is simple in construction yet innovative in its approach and is designed to help youth soccer coaches and parents alike help their children significantly improve their shooting accuracy.

FUTBOLSHOTZ are made of Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR), a material that maintains the characteristics of both rubber and plastic. TPR material is a form of synthetic rubber, which means that it melts into a liquid when heated and becomes solid when cooled.

Each FUTBOLSHOTZ 4-Pack comes with four targets and an attractive bag for carrying and storing them.

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Product Name FUTBOLSHOTZ 4-Pack Youth Soccer Training Coaching Kit


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