3D shoots offer variety. 3D archery shoots are fun and often make you a better shooter.

There’s a reason some people don’t go to the gym regularly.

It’s a simple one, too.

They just don’t find it fun.

Think about any time you played sports. Games were great, exciting, thrilling, and yes, fun. Practice was often another story. Repetitive drills – beneficial in the long run, yes, but drudgery in the meantime – weren’t as exciting.

They were more often to be endured that thrilled over.

Ah, but what it practice could be as much fun, or at least nearly so, as the games themselves? You’d be on to something then.

Archery hunters – ones in the know, anyhow -- can speak to that.

That’s because one of the best ways to prepare for archery hunting seasons is to practice in the weeks and months beforehand at 3D archery shoots.

There are several reasons why.

For starters, shooters at 3D events fire arrows at various distances. Though there are some 3D shoots were archers fire from “known” distances, at most you have to estimate how far you are from the target.

Learning to do that prepares you for doing the same when a whitetail or other animal wanders into view of your stand.

Then, too, typical 3D courses wind through a variety of habitats, from open fields to woods. In cases, that means shooting uphill or down, or with potential obstacles – a limb blowing in the wind, for example – in the way.

Shooters on such a range again learn to deal with those conditions on a hunt.

Perhaps most importantly, shooting at a 3D target – which mimics a live animal – teaches archers to pick out a specific spot on that creature as an aiming point.

What that means is, unlike on a foam square or round 10-ring target, there are no “aiming points” on a 3D target. Shooters have to learn to pick a spot to aim for, just like they would when trying to hit the vitals on a real deer, elk or whatever.

That’s another good skill to learn.

Of course, there’s nothing like confidence, too.

We’ve all seen it. A star athlete, one of the best in the world at his or her sport, goes into a slump. They struggle.

By way of explanation we hear that they’re having a crisis of confidence.

How can that be, we think? This person is a wonder, with a long record of being a top performer under the brightest lights. If anyone should be confident, it’s them.

It seems that way from afar, anyhow.

Yet, when they finally emerge on the other side and start playing well again, they attribute it in part to feeling well, mentally perhaps even more than physically.

So it is with archery shooting.

Spend time on the 3D range – performing well, maybe in competition, maybe under stress – and you’ll feel better and likely shoot better on a hunt, too.

So get out there, hit a 3D archery shoot, get in some practice and – how about this – actually have fun doing it.

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