When cold brew coffee splashed on the scene several years ago, it had an air of exclusivity and mystery about it. It was a drink you could only get from that fancy coffee shop in the trendiest neighborhood in the city. But everyone was talking about it, and coffee lovers had to have it. 

Cold brew coffee remains just as popular as ever, but still, not everyone knows how it’s made — or that they can very simply brew it at home and save hundreds of dollars a year.

If you think about it, regular drip coffee is really just hot water filtered through ground coffee beans. If that sounds easy, consider that cold brew is the same process minus one step. Cold brew is just cold water filtered through coffee — you don’t even have to warm the water!

Of course, it takes a lot longer to brew coffee beans in cold water (we’re talking 12 hours instead of a few minutes). But for your wait time, your java has more jolt. Because the water and coffee beans are in contact for so long, the resulting beverages has much more caffeine. 

How to make cold brew coffee

Here’s how to cold brew coffee: 

Choose your beans.

Start with a quality coffee bean. If you can, buy smaller bags more often, so the coffee doesn’t sit around too long before brewing. 

Grind the beans.

Freshly ground beans are best. You’ll get more flavor, plus you can control the size. You’ll want to the grinds to be on the coarser side, so choose a grinder that has a few settings. 

Brew the coffee. 

Next, scoop your coffee (about 16 tablespoons) into the mesh infuser insert of your cold brew coffee maker. Secure the insert tightly by turning counterclockwise. Fill the glass container with cold, purified water, and twist the cap on tightly. Store in the refrigerator for 12-15 hours. Serve warm or cold, with or without cream and sugar. 


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How to make cold brew coffee