Seedlings of mixed radishes sprout on the windowsill in the Microgreen Grower. I’ve had so much fun this winter enjoying these fast growing fresh sprouts. It’s a fun project for any gardener and great for kids too.

The Microgreen Grower makes windowsill planting fun and easy. The Microgreen Grower makes windowsill planting fun and easy.

The Microgreen Grower has everything needed to start and grow these diminutive plants. A small peat pellet unfolds into enough planting medium when water is added. The seeds (which are included) are sprinkled on top and brushed into the soil. These seeds are not spaced like they would be in the garden. They are grown almost on top of each other, when they germinate they create a carpet of greens. The clear plastic lid is placed on top to keep everything moist and in a few days the seeds sprout.
The microgreens are harvested in about a week, just once by simply cutting them with a pair of scissors. In the case of root crops like radishes or carrots, I pull the whole plant out of the soil, rinse it and eat roots and all. The greens can be added to salads, sandwiches and many different recipes. I actually love to put them in a pita bread pocket add a little Italian dressing.
These greens are highly nutritious, sweet and tender.
It’s fun to sow arugula, lettuce, mixed greens, other greens, radishes, carrots, basil, cole crops like kale, beets, cilantro, turnips and many others. I’ve got lots of leftover seeds that I’ll be sowing all winter long and outside for the growing season.
After the first harvest of microgreens, it’s time to replace the growing medium. Any planting mix will work. Just moisten it before adding the mix to the Microgreen Grower then follow the steps above.
It’s great to have an easy indoor garden to keep us busy and pick fresh produce all winter long.

Here's how to get the Microgreen Grower.