Just about every gardening catalog is now offering seeds not just for planting, but specifically for sprouting and eating. These seeds have been tested differently than seeds that are planted to assure they are safe to eat. Many seed sprouters prefer organic sprouting seeds. These sprouts provide 10 to 20 times more nutrients than the grown plant.

There are two basic types of seeds to sprout — leafy greens, like alfalfa, radish and broccoli, or the legumes, like mung beans, peas and others. You can also look for mixes too, as each different sprout offers something distinct nutritionally and flavor-wise.

The Chefn Sprouter Countertip Sprouter is the perfect way to sprout seeds. Some longtime seed sprouters use a mason jar, but it's easier with the Chefn Sprouter.

This video shows exactly how easy:

In about seven days, the seeds will be ready to harvest.

This is a great way to eat tasty veggies that are also really good for you.

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