Melissa Thompson had garden envy. Her friends and neighbors were growing such big and juicy fruits and vegetables in their home gardens, Thompson felt like she must be missing out on the gardening secrets everyone else knows about.

Thompson always envisioned feeding her family with healthy, homegrown produce, but after two failed summers of planting, she swore she had a “black thumb.” The mother of three gave up on the garden of her dreams because she didn’t have time to learn what to plant and when to plant it.

“I just wanted someone to tell me when to plant which seeds and how to care for them,” Thompson said. “I don’t have a ton of free time, but feeding my family fresh salad sounds so nice. Plus, I think it’s important for my kids to see where their food comes from.”

Thompson learned about the Everybody Gardens Seed of the Month and Garden Club with Doug Oster last year from a friend.

“It all makes so much sense now,” Thompson said. “My seeds arrive in the mail, and I read the tips on how to prepare the ground or pot, and with Doug’s guidance, I can grow all kinds of things.”

With the Seed of the Month Club, members receive a welcome package and a thank you gift just for becoming a member. In just a few weeks, your first packet of seeds — handpicked by Emmy Award winner Doug Oster — will arrive to your home, along with an e-newsletter containing great gardening information chosen and written by Doug exclusively for members.

Members will also receive two tickets to each of Doug’s much-anticipated gardening symposiums, along with timely feedback from Doug to questions posted to the Everybody Gardens Facebook page.

Join now with a new one-year subscription for just $37.95, and get in on the garden secrets your friends and neighbors have known about for years.

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