Debra McCartney had been gardening for as long as she can remember.

The 58-year-old Pennsylvania resident spent hours every week outside working the soil or shopping for plants at her local nursery. She was looking forward to spending even more time outside with her four grandchildren, until an untimely surgery threatened to change all of that.

bulb auger

McCartney had recently retired, when she found out she needed a knee surgery that would likely prevent her from kneeling for long periods of time ever again. A lifetime of working on her feet as a teacher and cleaning her house had left her with chronic pain.

At the insistence of the doctor, she scheduled her surgery.

“I was terrified to give up time in my garden and just let it go,” McCartney said. “I feel too young to have to do that. I’ve worked so hard on it over the years.”

Luckily, she found the Power Planter Bulb Auger and Bedding Plant tool.

The Power Planter Bulb Auger and Bedding Plant saves energy and time when digging holes up to 6 inches deep for planting in any type of soil. The attachment fits most cordless drills and is simple to use.

The auger also helps with mixing fertilizer into the garden bed, tilling planter boxes, mixing polymers into soil and much more.

“When I was recovering, I did some online Googling about tools to help people who were in my situation,” McCartney said. “I’m so glad I came across this tool. It really has helped minimize the time I need to be on the ground.”

The auger is made with a 100 percent steel shaft and 10-gauge flighting, with a standard 3/8 in. non-slip hex drive. It comes in black or pink.

“I wish it didn’t take a surgery for me to find this product,” she said. “I would have used it for years!”

Get one here.

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