Whether you’re predictably a procrastinator or just prefer shopping online, Everybody Shops has the perfect Mother’s Day gifts. Mom might claim she doesn’t want anything, but she secretly adores thoughtful, little gifts. In case you need a bit of inspiration this year, we’ve curated this delightful list of gifts she’ll appreciate — and actually use! From home decor to chic accessories, shop our favorite gift ideas for mom this year.  Spend $50 or more and get free shipping at checkout!

1. Soyil Soy Wax Candles
These dye-free and natural soy wax candles are just what your modern mom wants. Soy produces a cleaner burn, so it never leaves gross soot on her walls. They also produce less indoor air pollution. Best of all, they’re sustainable and help U.S. soybean farmers. Give mom a gift that gives back. ($16-$24. Free Shipping on Orders $50+)

2. Womanswork Digger Gardening Gloves
Colorful and comfy, getting Mom a new pair of gardening gloves shows you appreciate her hard word in the garden. Womanswork Digger gloves have reinforced fingertips on top and bottom, and they’re machine washable, so she can let the gloves do all the dirty work. ($19. Free Shipping on Orders $50+)

3. Women’s Braided Sun Hat UPF 50
Mom always made sure you were slathered in sunscreen. Repay the favor to the women in your life with this chic wide-brimmed sun hat. It’s rated UPF 50, so she’ll be protected no matter what she loves to do outdoors. ($22.99. Free Shipping on Orders $50+)

4. Wine Chiller
Lots of expensive, fancy beverage containers have been put on the market in the past few years. But you know what? None of them hold an entire bottle of wine. This one does. Nuff said. ($35. Free Shipping on Orders $50+)

5. Camera Protector
Mom finally splurged and got herself a nice camera. Now she never takes it out of the house because she’s afraid to ruin it. Matador’s Camera Base Layer Protection is compatible with most DSLR and Micro 4/3 camera and lens combinations. It’s waterproof rain protection for her most prized possession — other than you, of course. ($59.99. Free Shipping on Orders $50+)

6. Sous Vide Immersion Cooker
Home cooks all want the same thing this year — the sous vide immersion cooker. It’s an old, fancy French term, which means “under vacuum,” but the tool is gaining a new following. The sous vide allows cooks to heat water to a precise, consistent temperature, allowing cooks greater control over their food — that means more delicious, juicy food for you. It’s a win/win. ($129.99. Free Shipping on Orders $50+)

7. Cinnamon Lavender Face and Body Scrub
Fact: Mom will never have enough skin and beauty products. She adores anything that helps her relax and feel her best. This fresh-smelling face and body scrub is made with 100 percent natural ingredients, but it also does double duty as an anti-aging facial treatment and a detoxifying acne fighter. Give her more vibrant, beautiful, brighter skin. Bonus: It’s animal testing and cruelty free — because Mom appreciates that being beautiful doesn’t have to come at the cost of furry critters. ($16. Free Shipping on Orders $50+)

8. Sloggers Gardening Clogs and Boots
Whether she’s out gardening, walking the dog, or washing the car, Mom can keep her feet clean and dry with these all-day-comfort, 100 percent recyclable Sloggers. Any mud (or worse) that she steps in can be hosed right off. They come in a dozen super fun colors and patterns, so now all you need to do is decide if Mom is more of a blue cow or purple flower kind of gal. ($29.99-39.99. Free Shipping on Orders $50+)

9. Electric Corkscrew Bottle Opener
The Kalorik Electric Corkscrew makes opening bottles easy — but it’s also fun to watch. See the blue light shine through the window as the cork is effortlessly extracted from the bottle. No cracked corks, no struggle, no wasted wine. ($39.99. Free Shipping on Orders $50+)

10. The Best Kitchen Tool Collection
Everything is easier when you have the right set of tools — and we’re pretty sure it helps when they come in cheerful colors, too. Dreamfarm’s latest set of kitchen tools helps Mom multitask and tackle multiple kitchen jobs without dirtying multiple utensils. The set includes the Spadle, a stirring spoon that easily turns into a ladle; the Holey Spadle, a slotted spoon that becomes a pasta server; the Chopula, a spatula that also chops nuts or butter; and a Large and Mini Supoon that can scrape the last little bit of pasta sauce or Nutella from the jar — if that’s not worth it, we don’t know what is. ($59.95. Free Shipping on Orders $50+)

11. FitMix Portable Mixer Bottle
She’s already a SuperMom, but she needs to eat healthy if she’s going to keep her SuperMom strength. The FitMix Pro Portable Mixer Bottle is a convenient — and dare we say stylish — way for Mom to mix up her favorite protein shakes and healthy juices on-the-go. The lightweight and leak-proof design has an integrated supplement powder storage container. Plus, it can be recharged at her desk or in the car with a standard USB (cable included). ($34.99. Free Shipping on Orders $50+)

12. Ergo Active Seating Stool
Mom has likely never complained to you about her office desk chair, but here’s a secret: she hates it. She worries that sitting all day long is bad for her back and overall health. Ergo Seat to the rescue! This colorful accordion structure allows for “active sitting.” She’ll have to engage her core, so she’ll retain better posture, relieve back aches, improve alertness, increase calm, and thanks to the many micro-movements required to stabilize, she’ll send more healthy oxygen to the brain. Nothing says, “I love you, Mom,” like the gift of health. ($100. Free Shipping on Orders $50+)

And for a super fun surprise for Mom, don’t forget to wrap her gift in the plantable Flowering Seeded Gift Wrap Kit paper ($19.99). Use as either tissue paper or gift wrap. After she tears open her present, she can lay the wrapping paper in the soil and water it for beautiful flowers. How’s that for a gift that keeps on giving?

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