Daniel Jackson once spent almost seven hours removing the bushes and shrubs that grew out of control in front of his home.

Jackson’s standard shovel had served him well in the past, but this job proved to be too much for the tool. He emerged scratched, bruised and drenched in sweat from the back-breaking labor of digging out the roots.

If only Jackson had used the Root Assassin garden shovel. Besides avoiding the wear and tear on his body, he would have shaved hours off the job.

The Root Assassin features serrated edges on both sides of the shovel to cut through the root while digging in and pulling out. The shovel’s 16 double-edged “teeth” help pierce and splinter the roots.

The blade measures 16.5 inches long, starting at 6.5 inches wide at the top and tapering down to 2.5 inches.

Root Assassin

The shovel itself is made from solid structural carbon steel with a silver color powder coat. The ergonomically designed steel shaft is topped with a solid rubber handle.

And it’s lightweight, too, with the 4-foot shovel weighing only four pounds.

It’s not just for removing annoying weeds from your garden. The shovel can be used to clear small trees or areas overgrown with brush. (It even can be used to trim branches from trees.) And it works in different types of soils, too.

Plants with extensive root systems can be removed in a matter of minutes instead of hours. (Say goodbye to the labor-intensive digging and chopping.) And not everybody has a pickup truck to pull out bushes, making this your go-to tool in a pinch.

There’s also the Mini Root Assassin, which measures in at 32 inches and 2.2 pounds, making it the perfect size to carry on any treasure hunting expedition.

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