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Lucky 7 Flavored Dough Ball Carp and Catfish Fishing Bait

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  • Molds easily and designed to stay on the hook
  • Fish-attracting scents & flavors
  • A proven winner in catching carp and catfish
  • Packaged weight - 6 oz.
  • Available in Vanilla, Strawberry and Anise

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Lucky 7 dough ball carp and catfish bait is your recipe for success in attracting and reeling in those huge fish. Why waste valuable fishing time making your own bait when you can let Tri-State Bait make it for you. Conveniently packaged, easy to use and formulated so it won't mold.

To use: stick a ball of it on a size 2 to 6 hook, trebles are most often best. When chasing carp in particular, use the bait without a bobber, but with a slip sinker. Carp are sensitive and if they feel too much weight on a line they will drop the bait. To trick them, put a slip sinker on the line so you can cast, but with a single split shot 12 to 15 inches up from the bait. Then leave the bail on your reel open. When the carp grabs the bait, they won't feel anything unusual. Wait for them to start peeling out line and then set the hook.

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Product Name Lucky 7 Flavored Dough Ball Carp and Catfish Fishing Bait


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