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PittMoss Performance RTU Garden Soil Blend

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  • Performance is ready to use garden soil
  • Made from organic, recycled natural materials with added fertilizers
  • Patented engineered fibers increase water and nutrient retention
  • Extends time in between watering with 2/3 less water used
  • Promotes beneficial growth and nutrient absorption
  • Increased aeration encourages healthy root growth
  • Provides an organic environment for vigorous biological growth within the soil
  • Sustainable, Peat-Free mix
  • Clean from contaminants, bugs or weeds
  • Near neutral pH
  • OMRI listed
  • 100% Produced in the USA
  • Available sizes: 1 Cubic Foot, 2 Cubic Foot


A revolutionary new growing media

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PittMoss Performance is made from organic, recycled natural cellulosic fibers with an added Controlled Released Fertilizer (CRF), specifically designed for PittMoss. Ready to use just like garden soil, this mix is perfect added to new or existing garden beds to give plants a much-needed boost. PittMoss Performance grows better plants by improving soil aeration, water retention, nutrient delivery to roots, and encouraging a natural biological system within the garden soil.

For more information on the magic of PittMoss READ HERE

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Product Name PittMoss Performance RTU Garden Soil Blend


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