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PittMoss Prime Organic Soil Conditioner Amendment

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  • Prime is an alternative to Peat Moss
  • Organic Soil Conditioner, made from recycled newspaper with added organic fertilizer
  • Mix with existing potting, garden soils or compost
  • Improves conditions of native soil
  • Increase nutrient and water retention while reducing water logging
  • Increase aeration and biological growth within the soil
  • Clean from contaminants, bugs or weeds
  • OMRI listed
  • 100% Produced in the USA
  • Available sizes: 1 Cubic Foot, 2 Cubic Foot


A revolutionary new growing media

Pennsylvania, United States

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PittMoss Prime is an organic, peat-free soil conditioner with no added nutrients or fertilizers. PittMoss Prime is a favorite amendment among organic gardeners for improving soil blends and mixes. Made from organic, recycled, natural cellulosic fibers, PittMoss upcycles materials that normally would end up in landfills. PittMoss Prime is an eco-friendly alternative to peat, coir, perlite or vermiculite in creating custom soil blends.

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Product Name PittMoss Prime Organic Soil Conditioner Amendment


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