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Root Pouch 200 Gallon Fabric Raised Garden Bed Black

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  • Root Pouch Raised Garden Bed
  • Natural fiber blend made from 100% recycled materials
  • Semi-degradable
  • Durable for 4 to 5 seasons
  • Breathable fabric allows oxygen to reach roots
  • Provides insulation to protect roots from temperatures
  • Fabric structure catch root tips encouraging dense lateral root structure
  • Industrial Lock Stitch construction
  • UV Resistant
  • BPA Free
  • Non-Toxic
  • Recommended for: Above Ground
  • Color: Black
  • 200 (200gal) Specs: 757 liter capacity, Requires 27.27 cubic feet of soil, 50in (W) x 24in (H), 127cm (W) x 61cm (H)

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Root Pouch 200 Gallon is a fabric raised garden bed that offers the convenience of a raised bed without all of the construction and expense.  Simply unfold the Root Pouch, fill with a certified organic potting soil mix, and plant. The natural fiber blend is durable for 4 to 5 seasons.

Root pouches are washable, it is recommended to use an earth-friendly soap and allow to air dry. We also suggest using a certified organic potting mix, such as PittMoss Plentiful Organic Potting Mix. When using the Root Pouch indoors place the pouch on a tray to protect surfaces.

Root Pouch

Better for the Plant

Root Pouch fabric does not air prune like other fabric pots, they prune by entrapment. Fabric that allows air pruning means the roots are allowed to squeeze through the fabric. Root Pouch fabric traps the root tips in the fabric forcing the plant to create a dense fibrous root system while keeping roots contained within the bag.

Natural fibers will draw water towards the fabric from surrounding soil, making it a great choice for in-ground growing. Natural fibers also retain water which eliminates the need for supplemental watering, whereas fabrics from non-natural blend can’t do this.

Root Pouch does not use new petroleum as some other fabric pot companies do, so the Root Pouch does not contain any toxins. Non-toxic means they are a great choice for growing plants meant for human consumption.

Better for the Planet

Root Pouch fabric pots are made out of recycled water bottles and natural fibers. On average, each bale of Root Pouch containers removes 1,450 plastic bottles from the environment. 99.8 percent of all Root Pouch products are made of recycled materials and are BPA free.

Root Pouch is the ONLY fabric made out of recycled water bottles and not new fossil fuel. Root Pouches are folded and compressed into master bales that allow for more product to be shipped on a single pallet. Less storage and transportation space lowers costs substantially. For every truck of Root Pouch pots, it takes 6 trucks to transport the same size of traditional plastic pots.

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