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The Courageous Cubs: A Story of Hope for Foster Children and Children in Disrupted Homes

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Book Title: The Courageous Cubs

Author: Patty Wright Klingensmith

Pages: 46

Hardcover Dimensions: 10.5 x 7.8 x 0.4 inches

Paperback Dimensions: 8 x 0.1 x 10 inches

Patty Klingensmith


Pennsylvania, United States

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This is a wonderful tale about 2 young lion cubs, personified as confused kids growing up in the foster care.

Omar and Andy, the main characters, are youthful lion cubs that come from a disrupted home. The story tells some of the day to day adventures that the two encounter in the foster care system, whether it be living with and moving from family to family, or the visits they attend with their biological, foster or adoptive families. Omar and Andy often feel they have very little control of their own life! Never having the opportunity to develop a sense of belonging, Omar and Andy are introduced to and call to King Adonai, the great lion king, to help them in their quest for normalcy and a better life.

When you call me, I will come, Life will have a great outcome! A better day is on the way, So call on me, you’ll be okay! -- King Adonai

Omar and Andy are very much like other children that grow up in the system . They get angry, scared, confused, doubtful and hurt; and with good reason. Who are they? Where do they belong? With whom do they belong? WHY? All that they want is a family to call their own. Someone to love them, and care for them letting them know there is a better life beyond the system. When there is no one available to these young cubs, they called upon King Adonai who goes deep into their hearts to show them life can, and will be good with him present in their lives.

The Courageous Cubs is a wonderful tool for counselors, therapists, and foster families to use when a young, systemized child comes to them for help. It comes complete with coloring pages in the back of the book. Foster children will be able to relate to the frightening and confusing situations that Omar and Andy come upon in their lives. Upon hearing this story, foster children will be able to identify with Omar and Andy learning there are many things they can control, they can decide to be happy, they can decide to let go of the bad and hold onto the good. Most importantly, they can look toward a brighter future, just as Omar and Andy did!

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Product Name The Courageous Cubs: A Story of Hope for Foster Children and Children in Disrupted Homes


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